A bill passed by the Legislature and signed into law by the Governor

Additions, Improvements, and Equipment
Additions and improvements that are less than $50,000 in cost and the purchase of equipment such as vehicles, office equipment and information processing equipment.  Any addition and improvement that is $50,000 or more or is for a new structure is classified as Capital Construction

Adjusted Appropriation
The total of an original appropriation, all supplemental appropriations, certain allotments from interdepartmental appropriations, and other budgetary adjustments

Agency/Department – Discrete organization within the State of New Jersey. 

All Other Funds
Revenues, other than Federal, that are not anticipated as resources to support the annual State budget.  Upon receipt, these funds become appropriated, as provided by the language of the Appropriations Act

All Other Position
A position specifically approved and funded by non-state, non-federal sources in a salary object account

An allocation of a portion of an appropriation to make it available for encumbrance or disbursement by the agency to which appropriated, and usually applying to a period of time; e.g., a calendar quarter

Anticipated Resources
For each fiscal year, is the sum of the estimated surplus at the end of the prior fiscal year, together with all estimated revenues for the General Fund from all sources, including taxes and license fees, other miscellaneous departmental and interfund transfers.

Anticipated Revenue
That portion of estimated revenues to be realized in any fiscal year  that have been anticipated as General Fund resources to support the appropriations made, or undesignated fund balance projected, in the annual Appropriations Act.  Such revenues are not available for expenditure unless appropriated by the Legislature

Appropriated Revenue
Those revenues not previously anticipated or budgeted, which upon receipt increase appropriation balances as authorized in the Appropriations Act, and from which agencies may incur obligations or make expenditures for specific purposes

The sum of money authorized by an act of the Legislature for expenditure for a particular fiscal year

Appropriations Act
The Act passed by the New Jersey Legislature to appropriate, on an annual basis, the resources of the State for state operations,  grants-in-aid, state aid, capital, and debt service expenses

A means of reducing the number of employees by not refilling positions vacated through resignation, reassignment, transfer, retirement or means other than layoffs