Language Recommendations
Language located at the end of a statewide program, department or in the General Provisions section, that provides specific spending or budget authority and/or places limitations on such authority

The automatic termination of an appropriation.  Appropriations are made for a single fiscal year.  At the end of this period, any unexpended or unencumbered balances revert (lapse) to undesignated fund balance in the General Fund, or to the fund from which originally appropriated, unless specifically appropriated again in the succeeding fiscal year

Debt or other legal obligation arising out of transactions in the past that must be liquidated, renewed, or refunded at some future date.  This term does not include encumbrances

Line of Credit
The State's  line of credit  program, which was first implemented in 1995, provides the State with competitively bid, low interest cost funding for the procurement of the State's short term (3 yrs) equipment needs, specifically computers, furniture, and vehicles

Line Item
Any single line account for which an appropriation is provided in an Appropriations Act.  Includes appropriations made to specific object accounts, such as Materials and Supplies, or any Special Purpose, Grants-In-Aid, State Aid, Capital Construction or Debt Service account

Lump Sum Sick
Wages paid to an employee upon retirement for any unused sick leave accrued. The maximum payout is $15,000 per employee.