Object Account
Part of the chart of accounts to classify articles purchased or services obtained

Object Category
A group of objects of similar character categorized for classification purposes.  Examples are personal services, materials and supplies, services other than personal, and maintenance and fixed charges

A statement of specific, intended, measurable accomplishments related directly to the need, problem or opportunity the services to the client are designed to address

An amount that the State may be required legally to meet out of its resources.  It includes not only an actual liability, but also an unliquidated encumbrance, established by the issuance of a purchase order, the execution of a contract calling for payment at some future date, or a liability established in any other lawful way for future payment of a specified amount of money.  An obligation normally results in an encumbrance in an appropriation account

Any State government entity that is established by statute, executive order, or departmental order, to carry out one or more programs, for which a separate appropriation is made

Original Appropriation
An appropriation made in the annual Appropriations Act

Other Financing Sources
Provide for the inflows of resources that increase results of operations. Other Financing Sources include incoming transfers as well as proceeds from long-term debt and sale of fixed assets.  These moneys are considered nonrevenue receipts.