Pharmaceutical Assistance for the Aged and Disabled

Personal Services
An appropriation supporting State employee salaries and wages and other employee benefits

A group of related activities directed toward the accomplishment of an identifiable objective; it is established by statute, executive order, or departmental order; it is distinguishable by its clientele, organization, subject matter or process

Program Classification
An operating program function, consisting of closely related activities with an identifiable objective or goal that is treated as an identifiable appropriation item

Property Tax Relief Fund
Accounts for revenues from the New Jersey Gross Income Tax.  Revenues realized from the Gross Income Tax are dedicated by the State Constitution.  All receipts from taxes levied on personal income of individuals, estates, and trusts must be appropriated exclusively for the purpose of reducing or offsetting property taxes.  Annual appropriations are made from the fund, pursuant to formulae established by the Legislature, to individuals, counties, municipalities, and school districts