The area of the department to which the employee is assigned.

Services Other Than Personal
The cost of purchased services that are primarily non-personal or of a contract nature under which no employer-employee relationship is established

Shift Differential
An additional hourly amount  paid to an employee working either evening or night shift.

Special Purpose Appropriation
A type of appropriation that includes monies for personal services, non personal services, maintenance, etc., but which is appropriated as a single amount and which does not specify amounts for individual objects of expenditure

Special Revenue Funds
Funds used to account for resources legally restricted to expenditure for specified purposes in accordance with enabling legislation.

Special Transportation Fund (N.J.S.A. 27:1B-21) – Capital Projects Fund
This fund was established in accordance with the enactment provisions of the New Jersey Transportation Trust Fund Authority.  The fund accounts for the receipt of resources from the New Jersey Transportation Trust Fund Authority and related federal grant awards, and the expenditure of these funds for authorized public transportation projects.  The funds can only be expended by the Department of Transportation pursuant to appropriations or authorizations made by the State Legislature.

Spending Agency
Any department, board, commission, officer, or other State agency to or for which an appropriation is made

Social Security Administration

Supplemental Security Income

State Aid — One of the major subdivisions of the State budget; this category shall mean:

  1. Monies paid by the State to a local government or to a nongovernmental agency for:
    1. Assistance distributed to local governments according to a formula
    2. Assistance provided to aid local governments in carrying out activities that are the responsibility of the local unit
    3. Aid to non-governmental agencies for functions carried out on behalf of a local unit of government
    4. Payments specifically designated by law as State Aid
  2. Expenses incurred by a State department or agency on behalf of a local unit of government.  Such expenditures may include:
    1. Monies budgeted by the State to make payments on behalf of local government
    2. Administrative costs of State Aid programs
    3. Costs of State personnel engaged in services normally provided and paid for by a local government
State Appropriations Limitation Act
The Act that limits the growth of the Direct State Services subdivision of the State budget based upon the average annual percentage increase in per capita income over the four fiscal years prior to the base year

State Supported Position
A position specifically approved and funded by a State appropriation in a salary object account

State Treasury
A term used generally to refer to all funds (monies) deposited to the credit of the State of New Jersey.  It includes the General Fund and funds from all other sources

Statewide Program
A functional grouping of related program classifications that contribute to satisfaction of some broader objective or objectives.  Each Statewide program is presented as a separate component of the total budget of a department or agency

A written law enacted by a duly organized and constituted legislative body

Supplemental Pay
Wages paid to an employee that were not included in regular pay.  In some existing state contracts, supplemental payments for overtime are required.