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Accountability Regulation
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Accountability Regulation

In accordance with New Jersey Statutes Annotated 18A:55-3 school districts are required to maximize their participation in the Special Education Medicaid Initiative (SEMI).  The newly adopted Accountability Regulations specified in New Jersey Administrative Code N.J.A.C. 6A:23A-5.3 include programmatic guidelines and standards for local school districts to maximize participation in SEMI.

NJ SEMI A-5 Regulation Presentation by PCG- August 2008
SEMI Waiver Review Criteria
Parental Consent - Best Practices
Parental Consent - Information for Parents
Parental Consent Form
SEMI Assurances


SEMI Speech - Sept. 2012
SEMI SY13-14 Rev Projection Memo (DOE Commissioner)
SEMI Action Plan - Revised February 2013
October 2011 Cost Settlement November 2011 RMTS
January 2012 Revenue Projection SY 2012 -2013
SEMI Update 1/11 -Waiver/Budget/Projection/Action Plan
Clarification re: Approved Private Schools for Children w/ Disabilities 2/2009
SEMI Update 1/09 – Waiver/Budget/Projection/Action Plan
DOE Commissioner 8/2008

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