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Tom Vincz
January 29, 2003
(609) 633-6565

NJFastFile Delivers Fast Returns

TRENTON, N.J. - State Treasurer John E. McCormac and Taxation Division Director Robert K. Thompson today encouraged New Jersey taxpayers to take advantage of the State's electronic filing options as a way to ensure accurate, speedy processing of income tax forms and refund checks for the 2002 tax year.

The State officials noted that filers who submit returns early through one of the three NJFastFile options -- NJ ELF, NJ TeleFile and NJ WebFile -- can receive refund checks within two weeks and avoid delays that result when filing just before or on the April 15 deadline. "Whether a person prefers to use a telephone, a personal computer or a professional tax preparer, we have an option for them," said Treasurer McCormac. "These programs are a user-friendly way for New Jersey residents to file their taxes and speed the processing of their returns at the same time."

The following information summarizes the NJFastFile options:

bullet NJ ELF enables taxpayers to file their returns using a personal computer and an approved tax preparation software package. Or, a tax professional can file on the taxpayer's behalf.
bullet NJ TeleFile allows filing of New Jersey income tax returns and homestead rebate applications from any touch-tone telephone in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Delaware or Maryland by calling 1-888-235-FILE (3453). Filers should complete the worksheet found in the NJ TeleFile booklet or in the NJ-1040 or NJ-1040EZ resident return booklets and then enter their information using the telephone's keypad.
bullet NJ WebFile offers free filing of personal income tax returns and homestead rebate applications from a secure Internet site. This system replaces the PC File software that had been available in past years. To use NJ WebFile, taxpayers should direct their Internet browsers to, and follow the instructions provided.

Director Thompson added: "This year, more taxpayers than ever before are eligible to use NJFastFile. In the past, a New Jersey resident who was claiming a credit for taxes paid to another jurisdiction had no choice but to file a paper return. But now, they can file electronically using NJ WebFile or NJ ELF, and reap the benefits these programs offer."

The advantages of using NJFastFile include accuracy, convenience and security. Because the system does all the calculations on its own, math errors are negated. Each system is available 24 hours a day, and refunds are generally mailed within two weeks of filing. But best of all, taxpayers who file electronically may choose to have their income tax refund deposited directly into their bank account.

To protect the confidentiality of tax information, every resident who filed an income tax return last year is assigned a personal identification number (PIN). For taxpayers who received a New Jersey income tax booklet with their name and address preprinted on the face of the fold-out insert, the PIN is located on the same panel as the preprinted label. Those who did not receive a booklet may have received a postcard with their PIN and preprinted label. Anyone who does not have a PIN may use the amount of last year's refund or payment due (in whole dollars) from their 2001 income tax return.

Thompson noted that regardless of the NJFastFile options they select, those who owe taxes and file early still have until April 15, 2003, to pay their liability to the State. "Payments can be made electronically, too. Information about electronic payment options can be found on the Division's Web site at," he added.

Filers must have been full-year New Jersey residents to use any of the NJFastFile options, and must have filed a 2001 New Jersey resident income tax return. Nonresident returns, amended returns, returns for prior years, and returns requiring certain enclosures or schedules cannot be submitted electronically. More information about any of the NJFastFile options is available at, or by calling 609-292-6400.


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