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CONTACT:  Matt Golden       
April 10, 2003
(609) 984-7110
New Jersey Provides Tax Assistance to Military Families

 TRENTON - The New Jersey Department of the Treasury's Division of Taxation announced today that it has joined the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) in offering special assistance to military families filing 2002 income-tax returns. This initiative follows Governor James E. McGreevey's recent decision to enact a series of enhanced benefits for New Jersey National Guard members on active duty as part of Operation Liberty Shield.

 "The men and women of the United States Armed Forces are owed a tremendous debt of gratitude for their efforts at home and abroad," said Governor McGreevey. "It is incumbent upon us to do what we can to provide them with the support they deserve."

 As such, the deadline for filing New Jersey state income-tax returns has been extended for members of the military who are engaged in combat-zone activity. Qualifying Armed Forces personnel will have a minimum of 180 days following the end of their combat duty or the final day of any continuous hospitalization required for injuries suffered during such service to file their New Jersey income-tax returns. This extension also applies to any tax-payment obligations, refund claims, or additional necessary transactions between the state's Division of Taxation and military personnel taking part in or stationed overseas in support of operations in a designated hazardous-duty area.

 "The men and women of our military are performing valiantly in their mission to liberate the people of Iraq while protecting those of us at home in the U.S.," said Robert Thompson, director of the Division of Taxation. "They are working tirelessly in an extremely dangerous environment. This is clearly not the time for them to be concerned about their tax returns, and the State of New Jersey is eager to offer them this small courtesy."

 The Division of Taxation is working with the IRS to identify reservists and regular military personnel who are currently serving in a combat zone or are contributing to related operations. The spouses or authorized representatives of these individuals can also claim a filing extension on their behalf by submitting a return with the words "Combat Zone" and the date of deployment clearly marked at the top of the form. Additional information about tax benefits available to military personnel can be found at the Internal Revenue Service's web site,, by clicking on "Armed Forces Tax Benefits."

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