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January 28, 2004
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NJ FastFile Offers Convenience, Speedier Refunds
 TRENTON - State Treasurer John E. McCormac and Division of Taxation Director Robert K. Thompson are encouraging New Jersey taxpayers to use one of the electronic-filing methods offered by the Department of the Treasury when submitting their State income tax returns for calendar year 2003. By taking advantage of the options available through the NJ FastFile program, users can ensure accurate and speedy processing of their income tax forms and refund checks.

 Four out of five New Jersey residents can now take advantage of our FastFile initiative," Thompson explained. "And those who do will have their refunds processed with greater speed, frequently within two weeks. In addition, only those who opt to use one of our electronic methods can have their refund directly deposited into a bank account."

 The FastFile program provides three user-friendly systems - NJ TeleFile, NJ WebFile, and NJ ELF - that enable taxpayers to submit paperless returns over the telephone, via the Internet, or through use of a computer-software package. "The electronic-filing systems can be accessed from the convenience of your own home and often reduce the time we need to deliver your return," McCormac said. "This year we've made the process even easier by eliminating the New Jersey Personal Identification Numbers (PINs) that were previously needed." Taxpayers who use NJ ELF will still need a federal PIN.

 NJ TeleFile allows taxpayers to submit their returns free of charge by dialing 1-888-235-FILE (3453) from a touch-tone telephone in New Jersey or its surrounding states and following the automated voice prompts. Users should complete a TeleFile worksheet prior to calling the toll-free number.

 NJ WebFile is a free, Internet-based system with extensive firewalls and software security provisions. Everything you need to prepare and file a State tax return can be found with the click of a button at

 NJ ELF enables those filing their federal returns electronically to submit New Jersey returns at the same time. Taxpayers can file via computer with approved tax-preparation software or by visiting an online tax-preparation site. They can also seek the services of a tax professional. A list of approved software vendors can be found on the Division of Taxation's Web site,

 Taxpayers who have a liability to the State can make their payments online through either electronic check (e-check) at or by credit card at Those who file early can pay when the return is submitted or wait until as late as April 15, 2004.

 For individuals who must complete paper returns, New Jersey income tax forms are now available online or by fax in a format suitable for processing. Previously, only original copies of the resident return forms were accepted. Visit our Web site at, or call NJ TaxFax at 609-826-4500 for the appropriate form.

 Most NJ FastFile systems are accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Taxpayers must have submitted a 2002 New Jersey income tax return in order to use any of the FastFile options. Amended returns, returns for prior years, and returns requiring certain enclosures or schedules cannot be filed electronically. For more information, visit or call our customer service center at 609-292-6400. Representatives are available Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

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