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December 12, 2014 Gross Income Tax, Sales Tax Revenues Grow in November 137 kb
December 11, 2014 DEP Commissioner Bob Martin and Treasurer Andrew Sidamon-Eristorr Announce $600,000 in Grants for Rescue Mission of Trenton During Season of Service Tour 173 kb
November 21, 2014 Revenue Remains in Line with Budgeted Growth Rates 254 kb
November 10, 2014 Deadline Approaching for Taxpayers to Save Money on Back Taxes 210 kb
October 17, 2014 Positive Gross Income Tax Totals Push FY 2015 Revenue Growth to 6.1 Percent through September 209 kb
October 2, 2014 Christie Administration Recognized for Skilled Use of Technology
To Improve the Quality of Life and Economic Prospects of New Jersey
323 kb
September 18, 2014 Total Collections from Major Revenue Sources Closely Track Projected
Growth Rate
140 kb
September 17, 2014 New Jersey Tax Offer: Pay Back Taxes Now and Save Time and Money 304 kb
September 15, 2014 New Jersey pension fund publishes final return for FY2014 of 16.9% 283 kb
August 14, 2014 Strong Sales Tax and Gross Income Tax Collections for July Show Continued Recovery 175 kb
August 1, 2014 Christie Administration reunites New Jersey residents with record $125 million in unclaimed property and funds during Fiscal Year 2014 334 kb
July 22, 2014 New Jersey pension fund continues to show solid double-digit returns 340 kb
June 19, 2014 Monthly Revenue Collections Consistent with Treasurer’s May Testimony 78 kb
May 29, 2014 Christie Administration Extends Filing Deadline for Property Tax Reimbursement Program 417 kb
May 27, 2014 OMB Director Charlene Holzbaur Receives Distinguished Leadership Award from The Association of Government Accountants 311 kb
May 08, 2014 Division of Taxation Prevents $7.4 million in Fraudulent Tax Refunds Year to Date 77 kb
May 02, 2014 Streamlines Procurement to Make it Easier for Vendors to Compete for Contracts 325 kb
April 28, 2014 Substantial Impact From Federal "Fiscal Cliff" Tax Increases Felt As New Jersey's Fiscal Year 2014 Revenue Falls Below Projections 138 kb
April 25, 2014 New Jersey Taxpayers are E-Filing at a Record Pace 308 kb
April 14, 2014 Fiscal Year 2014 Revenues Outpace Fiscal Year 2013 Year-Over-Year by 4.5 Percent; March Corporation Business Tax Collections Beat Revenue Projections by $44 Million  
April 10, 2014 Treasurer Sidamon-Eristoff Urges New Jersey Taxpayers to Use E-Filing Options and Extra Preparation Help as April 15 Filing Deadline Approaches 328 kb
April 08, 2014 Christie Administration Advises Taxpayers to Increase Awareness of Identity Theft Schemes as Tax Filing Season Concludes 107 kb
March 21, 2014 Year-Over-Year Gains in Revenue for FY2014 Reach Nearly Five Percent through February  
March 11, 2014 Christopher McDonough Named Director of Division of Investment 309 kb
February 07, 2014 Christie Administration’s Pension Fraud and Abuse Unit Establishes Web Presence and Offers Multiple Contact Options 96 kb
February 04, 2014 Christie Administration Encourages Taxpayers to Take Advantage of E-Filing Options During the 2014 Tax Season 101 kb
January 17, 2014 Despite December Results, State Revenues Grew 5.7 Percent for the First Half of the Fiscal Year 225 kb

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