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Division of Taxation

How Benefits are Calculated and Paid


The benefit is calculated using your 2019 New Jersey gross income. If your 2019 gross income exceeded $150,000 you are not eligible.

2019 gross income (NJ-1040 Line 29) of $150,000 or less = $450.


During the filing process you will select if you want your benefit paid as a direct deposit or by paper check.


If you filed on behalf of an estate, we will issue the approved benefit in the name of the estate. Due to the timing of when a check may be issued, you should speak to your bank and/or seek guidance from your attorney prior to closing the estate bank account.

Set-Off Program
Under New Jersey law, if you owe money to New Jersey, any of its agencies, or the Internal Revenue Service, we will deduct it from your ANCHOR benefit. If we apply your benefit to any of these debts, we will notify you by mail.

Last Updated: Tuesday, 03/28/23