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Email Scams

During tax season, incidents of tax fraud phishing scams are more prevalent. The sophistication of phishing attacks is increasing and it is important that you avoid falling prey to these attacks. We recommend that users follow the steps below to protect their personal information:

  • Donít click on a link in a suspicious email; instead copy and paste it into the address box.

  • Be suspicious of any communication that appears to come from a business, school, IRS, Division of Taxation or any other government entity that asks for identity, login or tax information.

  • Understand how the institutions and businesses you deal with want to interact with you. For example, banks usually want you to access your account through a secure website–not an email link. “Phishing” emails should stand out because they don’t follow the usual rules. 

  • Practice safe browsing. Open a new browser window each time you log on to a web site that displays personal information. When you are done at that site, log out and close that browser window.

Please remember that the NJ Division of Taxation will never request login/password or personal information via email for any reason. If you have any questions about the validity of an email, call the sending institution or agency directly (using their main information number).

Last Updated: Tuesday, 02/23/16

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