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Insurance Premiums Tax Overview

The Insurance Premiums Tax applies to premiums collected on insurance risks by every insurance company transacting business in New Jersey. The tax base is gross contract premiums less specified deductions. Annuity considerations and reinsurance premiums are not taxed.

With a few exceptions, the tax rate is 2% of the premiums collected on insurance risks in this State. Major exceptions include group accident and health insurance premiums (1%); ocean marine risks (5% of three-year average of underwriting profits); workers’ compensation premiums (2.25%). If, for any insurance company, the ratio of New Jersey business to total business is greater than 12.5%, the tax is imposed on only 12.5% of that company’s total premiums. Another .05% is imposed on group accident and health premiums and another .1% on all other insurance premiums, the revenues being dedicated to the Department of Insurance.

In 1991 the Life and Health Guaranty Association was formed, supported by assessments of up to 2% each year on defined life insurance, annuity, and health insurance accounts. Each member insurer may offset some portion of its assessment against its Insurance Premiums Tax liability.

Disposition of Revenues
The tax is prepaid based on the previous year’s premiums, with payments due March 1 and June 1. Revenues, with the exception of some domestic revenues, are deposited in the State Treasury for general State use.

Municipalities and counties continue to receive payments to replace the revenue from the repealed insurance franchise tax on domestic insurance corporations. The State Treasurer pays an annual amount to each county and mu­nicipality in which the principal office of a domestic in­surance company is located. Payments are made so long as the principal office of a domestic insurance company remains at the location established on January 1, 1981.

Last Updated: Wednesday, 08/20/14

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