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With the heat wave still under way and power outages in South Jersey threatening to last through July 6, horse and other livestock owners may have difficulty getting water to their animals. Many farms rely on well water and without electricity or a generator hooked to the well pump, they will be unable to meet their animals' needs. A single horse or cow in the summer heat could easily consume over 50 gallons of water in a 24 hour period. Previously during extended power outages when generators were unobtainable or the farmers could not keep up with generator fuel needs, County Animal Response Teams (CART) and County Offices of Emergency Management (OEM) were able to coordinate with local fire departments to have tankers deliver water to farms.

If your county is one of those affected by power outages and you are having difficulty getting water to your horses or livestock, please contact your County OEM for assistance. Click here for the phone numbers for County OEMs.

Dogs and cats can also be as susceptible to heat as humans. Please make sure your pets are staying cool and have plenty of fresh cool water to drink.