Translator Disclaimers
Receptionist Desk 609-777-3300
Fax Number   609-777-3320
Utility Consumer Complaints  


Cable Television Complaints  800-624-0331 

President's Office


Richard Mroz, President                                    

Aide to the President: Erick Ford                           


Assistant: Diane Hewitt


Fax Number: 609-292-2264





Commissioners Office


Dianne Solomon, Commissioner                                             

Assistant:  Anissa Torres                                      


Fax Number:  609-292-3886

Joseph L. Fiordaliso, Commissioner


Assistant:  Joan Delli Santi                                        


Fax Number:  609-292-3886

Mary-Anna Holden, Commissioner             

Assistant:  Evelyn Dowling                                      


Fax Number:  609-292-3886


Upendra Chivukula, Commissioner              

Assistant: Deborah Laird  609-633-9837
Fax Number: 609-292-3887





Chief Of Staff's Office


Cynthia Covie, Chief of Staff                                      


Richard DeRose, Deputy Chief of Staff                                        


Assistant: Lauren Mattox                                          


Fax Number:   609-292-2264


Division of Administration

Fehmi Malik, Director                                          

Assistant: DeQuilla Jenkins   609-292-2456
Fax Number:   609-292-2619


Budget and Finance

Mike Greco, Chief Fiscal Officer                                     609-777-3318
Bruce Goldberg                                                          609-777-3328
Fax Number: 609-777-3336


Office of Communications

John Gregory Reinert, Director                                           

Assistant:Consowella Harris  609-292-1951
Fax Number: 609-292-2264


Office of the Economist

Mark Beyer, Director                                                           609-292-2637
Assistant: Dawn Gray 609-292-2933
Fax Number: 609-292-3191


Division of Human Resource

Arus Malloy                                                     
Assistant: Dondru Phillips 609-292-1644
Fax Number:  


Division of Information Technology

Lori DiGaetano, CIO                                                               609-292-2423
Assistant, Carmen Ledoux  609-292-1363
Fax Number:  609-292-1676


Office of the Ombudsman

Gary Finger                                                         609-777-3304
Fax Number 609-777-3336


Chief Counsel's Office

Chief Counsel                                           

Assistant: Maria Gaglioti   609-292-1482
Fax Number:    609-777-3332


Division of Economic Development and Emerging Issues

Secil Uztetik Onat,  Executive Director                                     
Director of State Energy Services  
Associate Director of Energy Policy  
Marisa Slaten, Deputy Director of Clean Energy  
Assistant:  Sharon Hobdy    609-292-1990
Fax Number 609-777-3200


Executive Directors Office

Paul Flanagan, Executive Director                                                  

Assistant:  Donna Sebest  609-292-1573
Fax Number:     609-777-3348


Division of Audits

Alice Bator, Director                                                        

Assistant:  Cinzia O’Neill  609-292-0628
Fax Number: 609-292-2620


Office of Cable Television and TeleCommunications

Lawanda Gilbert,  Director                                        

Assistant:  Renee Frierson   609-341-9428
Fax Number: 609-777-3325


Division of Energy

Tom Walker, Director                                                            
Assistant: Laverne Montlouis   609-292-2453
Fax Number:  609-341-5781


Division of Reliability and Security

James Giuliano, Director                                                      

Assistant:  Cynthia Graham  609-633-7341
Fax Number:  609-341-5782


Division of Water

Maria Moran, Director                                                        

Assistant:  Tracey Cullins  609-292-2411
Fax Number 609-292-1649


Office of the Secretary

Irene Kim Asbury, Secretary of the Board                                       

Assistant: Aida Camacho         609-292-1554
Fax Number:         609-777-3348
Case Management  
Valerie Haynes, Chief   609-292-2338
Fax Number:  609-777-3349


Division of Customer Assistance

Eric Hartsfield, Director                                                    

Assistant:  Crystal Jordan 609-341-9161
Fax Number: 609-777-3329