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The Office of Performance Management and Accountability (PMA) is responsible for all quality assurance and program evaluation activities, data analysis and reporting, and child fatality and near fatality case practice reviews.  PMA manages the department’s organization-wide continuous quality improvement effort and prepares annual reports on the department's work and progress.

PMA provides quantitative and qualitative information for the department to measure and support organizational performance. This information is used to report on the outcomes of service delivery to children and families and to comply with state and federal requirements.  PMA strives to produce information useful to front-line staff, management, administration, and stakeholders.

PMA oversees the Office of Quality, the Office of Research, Evaluation and Reporting, the Fatality and Executive Review Unit, the Federal Reporting Unit, and the Child and Family Service Review (CFSR) Unit. 

Office of Quality

The Office of Quality supports and promotes the department’s commitment to continuous quality improvement (CQI). It assesses the overall quality of case practice and services by identifying strengths and areas that need improvement. The Office of Quality examines performance and, by applying CQI processes, conducts Qualitative Reviews, monthly ChildStat reviews, and case record reviews. It provides data analysis and interpretation support and assists development and implementation of county-level program improvement plans. The Office of Quality monitors CQI results and evaluates interventions.


Qualitative Review (QR)

The Qualitative Review (QR) process assesses system performance and identifies strengths and areas for improvements to support positive outcomes for children and families.

Qualitative Review Protocol and Instrument 2016 

2017 QR Overview 

Qualitative Review - 2014 Annual Report 

Qualitative Review - 2013 Annual Report 

Qualitative Review - 2012 Annual Report 

Qualitative Review - 2011 Annual Report 

2010 Qualitative Review Pilot Final Report - February 2011 


DCF ChildStat

ChildStat, a process of self-assessment and diagnosis by area offices, was developed and rolled out in September 2010.  The OPMA provides data which is used to identify trends and patterns and is utilized by local leadership to identify strengths, areas of need and to fully understand the functioning of troubled practice areas.  Using this case conferencing model is seen as an opportunity to look carefully at practice, policy and procedure from a systems perspective.  It helps identify specifically what steps can be taken to enhance practice with the case presented and help identify themes statewide.

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Special Reports

DCF Investigations Review Report 2014 

Measure 55: Measuring housing, educational, and employment status for older youth exiting care - October 2015  

Measure 54: Measuring services for youth ages 18 to 21 - October 2015 

Review of Services for Older Youth Exiting Care - October 2013 

NJ Child Protective Services Investigative Practice 2013 Assessment

New Jersey State Central Registry 2011 Assessment

Commissioner's Update on T.M. Case - 2/7/12

Commissioner's Final Update on C.G. Case - 7/15/11

Commissioner's Update on C.G. Case - 6/10/11