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Welcome to the website of the New Jersey Department of Children and Families’ Division on Women (DOW).  We are pleased to provide you with greater insight about DOW’s herstory and programs.

In 1974, the New Jersey Division on Women was established as a pioneering state agency for women’s advocacy throughout the state.  Today, DOW is proud to continue the tradition of advocating for women’s rights and opportunities through the funding of organizations, agencies and programs that provide a variety of services to the women of New Jersey.

DOW's dedicated staff develops, promotes, and expands women’s rights in the areas of poverty and welfare, employment and wages, work and family, the economic and social aspects of healthcare, violence against women, and women’s civic and political participation in their communities.

Through DOW's work in program development, research policy analysis and the advancement of public discussion of issues critical to women, DOW fosters programs and services that empower the women of New Jersey.  We thank you for visiting the New Jersey Division on Women's Web site. 

New Jersey Division on Women