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Sojourner Truth – “Ain’t I a Woman” 
Yvonne Eason will portray Sojourner Truth, an African-American abolitionist & women’s rights activist, who was born c.1797.  In 1851, she attended the Ohio Women's Rights Convention where she delivered her famous extemporaneous speech on women's rights, later known as "Ain’t I a Woman”. 



Elizabeth Coleman White
Come meet the woman who tamed the wild blueberry!  Elizabeth White, who grew up on her father's cranberry farm in the Pine Barrens in Pemberton Township, NJ, became an agricultural specialist. Her contributions to the cultivation of the blueberry are significant and widespread.



Francis Hopkinson & the Stars & Stripes
Have you ever wondered about the design of the American flag?  Then meet Francis Hopkinson, an American author and signer of the Declaration of Independence. Hopkinson, who will be portrayed by Stan Saperstein, played a role in the design of the first American flag.



Shake Hands with NJ Governor Olden
Charles S. Olden was NJ’s 24th governor.  Learn first-hand how his tenure as governor was consumed by the American Civil War. Bruce Sirak will portray Olden.




Converse with President Abraham Lincoln
Bob Costello will portray our 16th president.  Meet the man who made an indelible mark on the history of America and redefined us as a nation.




Peter Hasenclever
Stop by the Friends of Long Pond Ironworks State Park table and meet Mr. Hasenclever.  Portrayed by Hans Niederstrasser, Hasenclever was the founder of Long Pond Ironworks in 1765.




Patrick Garner to Portray Thomas Edison
Meet the Wizard of Menlo Park! Mr. Edison will deliver an informal, fun-filled talk about his life, his inventions & the lessons those inventions taught him.




Taylor Williams
Taylor Williams will portray Alice Paul - a woman with a singled-minded purpose: women’s suffrage.  Discover the life of this extraordinary woman. Hear about her courageous fight for women’s equality and the Equal Rights Amendment.



Thomas Paine
Bob Gleason introduces us to Thomas Paine, the mouthpiece of the Revolution. A firebrand who traveled the world to speak out against injustice, Paine wrote in “The American Crisis” that “These are the times that try men’s souls.” Outspoken, controversial, articulate and committed to social equality, Bob Gleason’s Thomas Paine is certain to spark discussion and evoke spirited discussion.


Annie Oakley

Kim Hanley will portray America’s “little miss sure shot”, Annie Oakley.  Oakley was the star act in Buffalo Bill Cody’s Wild West Show, but she also championed women’s rights and other philanthropic causes.  Come learn about her fascinating life both on and off the stage.




Meet Molly Pitcher – Heroine of the Battle of Monmouth
Stacy Flora Roth, of History on the Hoof, will portray Molly Pitcher (Mary Hays McCauley). “Molly” will reminisce about the days when she accompanied her husband through summer battles & winter encampments from Valley Forge to Monmouth to Morristown. Relating her tales of firing a cannon in the heat of battle to trudging "behind the baggage," she provides a glimpse into what it was like to be a "camp follower" in the days when American Independence was a dream rather than a certainty.


George Washington

Meet the General who led the 1776 Christmas Crossing of the Delaware. David B. Emerson, of History on the Hoof, will once again portray General George Washington. Emerson will present two programs during the day and stroll among visitors throughout the Fair.  Emerson was featured as George Washington in New Jersey Network's "Ten Crucial Days."



Walt Whitman, America’s Good Grey Poet
Darrel Blaine Ford, who has been studying Walt Whitman for the past 74 years, will bring him to life as he portrays this iconic figure of American literature. Listen to “Walt” as he recites his poetry.  Learn about his life and his experiences during the Civil War.  Discover his home in Camden, NJ – the only home he ever owned and where he died in 1892. See why Whitman is often called America’s greatest poet.



Come Meet Admiral David Glasgow Farragut, USN!  

David Farragut joined the Navy as a Midshipman at the age of 9 in 1810. He fought in the War of 1812 & the American Civil War.  Bruce Tucker, a history lecturer at Rutgers University School of Continuing Education, Naval Historian & Living History presenter will portray Farragut.  


Meet Ben Franklin - Printer, Inventor, Statesman
Jack Sherry will portray Mr. Franklin - one of our most intriguing Founding Fathers.  Visitors will learn about Franklin’s scientific experiments & inventions, his printing business, & his diplomatic role in shaping the birth of America.




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