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Charter Schools


As the State Education Agency (SEA) and sole charter authorizer in the state the NJDOE holds all NJ charter schools accountable for providing a high-quality public education. In July 2012, the Office of Charter Schools released the Performance Framework which outlines clear academic, organizational and fiscal standards by which all New Jersey public charter schools will be evaluated. The Performance Framework focuses on outcome measures that align with the Department's major goal of providing a high quality education for all students regardless of zip code. Within the Performance Framework, the academic section carries the most weight in all high-stakes decision making including replication, expansion, renewal and revocation. More specifically, the Performance Framework evaluates increased student achievement for all subgroups of students by evaluating a school's median Student Growth Percentile in all relevant subgroups and through the number of state performance targets met. State performance targets include an annual evaluation of increased subgroup performance based on New Jersey's ESEA Waiver.