EMP Education and Outreach Working Group has established subcommittees that will make recommendations for education and outreach priorities to be addressed during the implementation phase of the Energy Master Plan. Their work is being guided by research questions provided by the working group steering committee. The Initiative for Climate Change and Social Policy of the Rutgers University Eagleton Institute of Politics is providing research support and helping to facilitate this stakeholder process.

Draft subcommittee reports are due Dec. 15. The steering committee expects to combine the reports and write an executive summary on or near Jan. 15. An executive committee with representatives from the BPU, the departments of Environmental Protection and Education, and Eagleton will finalize the report and present it with overall recommendations to the BPU on or near Jan. 31. 

Upcoming Meeting
The Residential, Commercial/Industrial, Institutions, and Steering committees are scheduled to meet at 10 a.m. on Oct. 2 at the NJBPU Newark offices. Directions
Presentations will given on New Jersey’s current clean energy and educational campaigns relating to energy efficiency and renewable energy. Subcommittee meetings will follow the presentation. These meetings and all those of this working group are public meetings.  

To participate in a subcommittee, contact those listed below or email the EMP team.

E&O Steering Subcommittee Chair
Peter Robilotta, EVCO
Cochair Tanya Oznowich, NJDEP
Mission Provide guidance to help subcommittees in their work and then compile the subcommittee reports into a final report and executive summary.
Commercial and Industrial Subcommittee
 Sara Bluhm, New Jersey Business and Industry Association
Mission Recommend approaches to implement and promote education and outreach programs for all levels of C&I customers related to energy efficiency, demand response, new generation and green jobs.
Residential Subcommittee
 Anne-Marie Peracchio, NJ Natural Gas
To evaluate and recommend the best approaches for educating residents to advance the energy efficiency and renewable energy goals of the Energy Master Plan.
Institutions/Local Government Subcommittee
Chair Katie Vesey, Atlantic County Utilities Authority
Cochair Susan Wolf
Mission Identify current available communications to and from municipalities, schools, and non-profit institutions by media and by trade groups or associations that convey energy efficiency and alternative energy source messages; recommend priority audiences within the institutional and local government category that should be targeted initially during EMP implementation.
Research/Inventory Subcommittee
 Martin Bunzl, Director, Rutgers University's Initiative on Climate Change and Social Policy
Mission Survey current attitudes, monitor changes and results as education and outreach is implemented. Maintain inventory of current energy conservation education and outreach efforts.
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