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Equine Infectious Anemia (EIA) requirements announced

Dear Stakeholders,

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has announced important changes to the EIA testing program.

  1. The USDA is requiring use of current approved EIA forms or approved electronic EIA systems such as Global Vet Link or VSPS. The current VS 10-11 form is dated FEB 2018. The previous editions of the VS 10-11 may not be used effective April 16th, 2020. The note at the bottom of the FEB 2018 VS 10-11 (current form) regarding acceptance of old forms is an error and will be removed on the next printing. The previous editions of the form are waivered until April 15th, 2020 only. After this date, the current version of the form must be used. Please call the Division of Animal Health at (609)671-6400 to request the current version of the VS 10-11 form. The NJDA Animal Health Diagnostics Laboratory (AHDL) accepts the samples submitted using following electronic systems in addition to the VS 10-11 form: Global Vet Link and VSPS. Please select NJDA laboratory when you submit samples using Global Vet Link or VSPS.
  2. The VS 10-11 form or electronic forms (GVL/VSPS) must be fully completed. All information must be filled in or indicated NA if not applicable.
  3. The EIA samples must be submitted by the Category II accredited veterinarians. The laboratory is required to confirm the accreditation status of submitting veterinarians in federal database.
  4. Before the laboratory distributes the final result, the submitting veterinarian may request changes to the VS Form 10-11 - including address corrections or spelling mistakes acceptable to the laboratory. After distribution of the final results, a new, corrected serialized 10-11 form submitted by accredited veterinarian can be accepted at the lab’s discretion if following conditions are met: a. Distributed copies are returned to the lab b. Correction is not for change in ownership, change in name of horse, or change in microchip number. Minor corrections in spelling and transposed digits are allowed. c. Correction are done within 30 days of sampling date.
  5. Samples older than 30 days may not be tested because they do not reflect current exposure status.

Please call the laboratory for any questions.