DCA Names Christine Campbell, Esq. Director of the Office of Information Privacy

  • Posted on: 03/30/2022

New Office Dedicated to Offering Special Protections to Covered Public Officials Wishing to Have Their Home Address Protected from Public Disclosure

TRENTON – The New Jersey Department of Community Affairs (DCA) announced today that it has named Christine Campbell as director of the Office of Information Privacy. The Office of Information Privacy (“OIP”) was established within DCA under P.L.2021, c.371 , signed by Governor Murphy earlier this year, to create and manage the process by which authorized persons can register to have a covered person’s home address information redacted from certain records and internet postings. This protection was first offered under “Daniel’s Law,” P.L. 2020, c.125, and includes judges, prosecutors, law enforcement officers, and their immediate family members.

“We are pleased to have Christine Campbell join DCA as the director of the Office of Information Privacy,” said Lt. Governor Shelia Y. Oliver, who also serves as DCA Commissioner. “Christine brings more than 30 years of legal experience to DCA and is the right person to establish and implement a system that ensures information privacy for covered persons. The work of this office will help to protect our judiciary, prosecutors, and members of law enforcement and allow them to serve fully without fear for their personal safety or their families.”

“The opportunity to lead New Jersey’s commitment to provide greater safeguards for the personal information of the State’s judges, prosecutors, and law enforcement community is an honor and one that I welcome. No one who serves New Jersey’s citizens should be at risk or lose someone as Daniel’s family did,” said OIP Director Christine Campbell, Esq. “The Office of Information Privacy is committed to taking the steps required by Daniel’s Law to more effectively shield the personal data of these public servants from discovery and to prevent such a loss in the future.”

In November 2020, Governor Murphy signed “Daniel’s Law,” legislation that protects the home addresses and telephone numbers of judges, prosecutors, and law enforcement officers from public disclosure. That law was named in honor of Daniel Anderl, the late son of U.S. District Court Judge Esther Salas. Daniel fell victim to a senseless act of gun violence committed by an individual who had compiled a dossier of personal information about Judge Salas, including the judge’s home address. 

Together, these laws amend the Open Public Records Act (“OPRA”) to prohibit the disclosure in any government (i.e., public) record the home address of any active or retired 1) judge, 2) prosecutor or 3) law enforcement officer who submits a request to the OIP. The law prohibits government agencies from knowingly publishing protected addresses on the internet.

The law also enables any active or retired judge, prosecutor, or law enforcement officer, or immediate family members residing with them, whose home address is protected under the OIP to request from any private individual or business that their home address or unpublished home telephone number be removed from the internet or where otherwise made available. The individual or business must remove the information within 10 business days of receiving such a request in writing.

Under Ms. Campbell’s direction, the OIP will create and manage a process for individuals seeking an exception to obtain unredacted records, as well as a process to disseminate information regarding covered persons to other government entities for purposes of redaction.

A covered person is any active, former, or retired judge, prosecutor, law enforcement officer, or their immediate family members residing in the same household.

A person authorized to submit a request on behalf of a covered person can be any of the following:

·     The covered person;

·     A designee of the United States Marshals Service or of the clerk of any United States District Court;

·     A person acting as a designated trustee, as an estate executor, or pursuant to a written power of attorney or other legal instrument for any covered person who is deceased or medically or psychologically incapacitated; and

·     A parent or legal guardian of any immediate family member who is a minor.

The OIP has the authority to issue rules, regulations, decisions, and guidance necessary to effectuate the purposes of the new law.

Ms. Campbell has an impressive career and brings more than 30 years in the law profession to DCA. Ms. Campbell previously served as the Deputy Chief Technology Officer for Legal and Compliance at the New Jersey Office of Information Technology. There, she provided oversight and guidance of legal matters, acted as a liaison between NJOIT and the Attorney General’s Office, and among other duties, worked with the Policy Unit to review, update, and prepare policies and procedures that govern NJOIT’s business operations and practices. Before joining NJOIT, she served as a Special Assistant to the Deputy State Treasurer at the NJ Department of The Treasury. Prior to her state service, Ms. Campbell acted as an associate at a number of law firms where she handled litigation, individual and class action suits, and provided criminal defense representation in addition to other legal issues.

Ms. Campbell earned a Juris Doctor from Temple University and a Bachelor of Arts in English from St. Joseph’s University.

The enabling legislation that establishes the Office of Information Privacy can be found here: https://www.njleg.state.nj.us/Bills/2020/PL21/371_.PDF 

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