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May 18, 2000

For more information contact:
Thomas Baum at 609-748-2020

A bill was recently signed into law modifying the recreational striped bass size limits for New Jersey waters. The new size limits are the result of efforts to foster declining striped bass stocks along the eastern seaboard.

'The new size limits for striped bass are one fish greater than or equal to 24 inches, but less than 28 inches and one fish 28 inches or greater. Anglers are reminded that in addition to these size limits, the harvest and possession of striped bass from federal waters (outside three miles) and the sale of striped bass in New Jersey are prohibited.

The closed seasons for striped bass are: January 1 through February 28 in all waters except the Atlantic Ocean from 0-3 miles offshore; and April 1 through May 31 in the Delaware River and its tributaries from the Route 1 Bridge in Trenton downstream to and including the Salem River and its tributaries. Any striped bass caught during a closed season must be released immediately. The possession or killing of a striped bass during a closed season is a violation of the law and will result in prosecution.

Also note that fishermen may possess one additional striped bass per day under the Striped Bass Bonus Fish Program subject to the following: 1) the angler must apply for and receive a fish possession card in advance of attempting to take a bonus fish; and 2) the minimum size limit for a striped bass taken under the bonus program is 28 inches. For more information on the bonus program, call 609-748-2020.