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October 11, 2001


For more information contact:
Kathy Porutski at 609-633-7768

The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection's Division of Fish and Wildlife has announced a new freshwater record category for sea run brown trout. The category is vacant pending submission of a specimen meeting the minimum weight requirement of five pounds.

"We believe this new category will help spur interest in this emerging fishery," said Division Director Bob McDowell. "The Manasquan River is sure to quickly produce a series of record fish."

Over 110,000 brown trout have been stocked in the Manasquan River since 1997 in an effort to create a sea run brown trout recreational fishery. Confirmed reports of sea run brown trout weighing five to nine pounds prompted the creation of this new category.

The Record Fish Program honors the largest species of fish caught in the state. It revolves around a specific list of eligible freshwater and saltwater species, and is based on weight alone (there are no line classes). Scale certification documentation and a weighmaster's signature are necessary. Other rules apply. For more information or to request an application, call 609-633-7768. Visit the Division website at for a complete list of state record fish.

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