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October 25, 2001


For more information contact:
The Permit Hotline at 609-292-9192

Click for information on leftover "lottery zone" permits for bow and firearm.

According to the New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife, bow permits were mailed on Monday, October 22. However, due to Anthrax-related postal delivery delays in the Trenton area, many people may not receive their permit(s) by the permit season opening date of October 27.

The mail delay does not affect permit bow hunters who purchased their permits over-the-counter at license agents and Division offices. The delay potentially affects only hunters who applied for extended bow permits through the mail-in lottery process. Since all mail-in applicants were successful in obtaining permits for zones 3, 4, 18, 23, 24, 43 and 46, applicants who have not received their permit in the mail will be able to hunt on Saturday, October 27 through Wednesday, October 31 without a bow permit in their possession. In addition, farmer bow hunters in all zones will also be allowed to hunt without a permit.

All hunting regulations are still in place except that those people who have not received their bow permit through the mail in these zones must write their own transportation tag. As of November 1, all bow hunters will be required to possess a state-issued bow permit for hunting in all zones.

Please note the following regarding special areas: