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November 7, 2001


For more information contact:
Joe Penkala at 908-852-3461

Beginning November 10, 2001, the Division of Fish and Wildlife will offer an on-line survey to purchasers of New Jersey pheasant and quail stamps. The survey is being conducted to gain a better understanding of how pheasant and quail hunters feel about the division's stocking program, how they utilize wildlife management areas, and to determine what changes they would like to see in the program.

"This is an excellent opportunity for those who hunt pheasant and quail on wildlife management areas to express their opinions and help shape the future of the program," said Division Director Bob McDowell.

Individuals who have purchased a New Jersey Pheasant and Quail Stamp are encouraged to complete the Division's questionnaire by visiting The information provided will be used to modify and improve the existing program.