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March 9, 2001


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Al Ivany at (908) 637-4125 or (609) 292-9450

Division of Fish and Wildlife Director Bob McDowell has extended the semi wild hunting season for pheasant, quail and partridge until April 4, 2001 in response to requests from licensed semi-wild hunting clubs. The season was scheduled to end on March 15, 2001, however, continued snow cover in the northern region of the state hampered late season stocking of birds the private clubs purchased under contract in the beginning of the season. The semi-wild season extension will allow these clubs and their members ample time under better conditions to release and pursue the remainder of the birds pre-purchased for the 2000-2001 hunting season.

This year, the Division of Fish and Wildlife issued 279 semi-wild licenses which allows clubs to stock and harvest game birds, hunt on Sundays and have an extended hunting season. By regulation, the Director, after approval of the Fish and Game Council, may extend the semi-wild season for up to twenty days.