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January 16, 2001


For more information contact:
Al Ivany at 609-292-2084

The New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife has changed the format of the 2002 Firearm, Bow and Arrow and All-Around Sportsman hunting licenses to include new Antlered Buck Stubs. The new format provides stubs for the maximum number of bucks that can be harvested during the State's six deer seasons.

The 2002 Bow and Arrow License contains three buck stubs: one valid for the current 2002 Winter Bow Season, one valid for the 2002 Fall Bow Season; one valid for the 2002 Permit Bow Season. The 2002 Firearm License also contains three buck stubs: one valid for the 2002 Six-Day Firearm Season; one valid for a second buck during the 2002 Six-Day Firearm Season or during the 2002-2003 Permit Shotgun Season; and one valid for the 2002-2003 Permit Muzzleloader Season. The All-Around Sportsman License has six buck stubs: one for each of the above seasons. Non-resident licenses contain the same stubs as resident licenses and the tagging procedures are identical.

The only antlered buck stub on the 2002 hunting licenses that is currently valid is the 2002 Winter Bow Season stub. Antlered buck stubs for the upcoming Fall Bow, Permit Bow, Six-Day Firearm, Permit Shotgun and Permit Muzzleloader seasons will not become valid until the 2002-03 Game Code is adopted in June.

The Winter Bow Season Antlered Buck Stub became valid as of January 1. In addition to filling out and attaching the Winter Bow Permit Transportation Tag to the harvested deer, a hunter must detach, date and initial the 2002 Winter Bow Season Antlered Buck Stub and attach it to any deer taken with antlers three inches or longer. The completed transportation tag and the buck stub must be submitted at the check station upon registering the antlered deer. The same procedure will apply to this fall's deer seasons for antlered deer and hunters are urged to become familiar with the 2002 license format.

Hunters should also note that there is no turkey hunting permit application stub on the new licenses. From now on, a license number is all that is needed to apply for a permit. Hunters are advised that they are still limited to sending in one application as in previous years.