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September 9, 2002


For more information contact:
Trout Stocking Hotline at 609-633-6765

The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection's Division of Fish and Wildlife will stock more than 50,000 trout in the State's major trout waters October 7-24, 2002.

"The fish being distributed are from the Pequest Trout Hatchery, one of the most modern facilities in the nation," said Division Director Bob McDowell. "The trout are in excellent condition and should add some exciting possibilities for anglers this autumn."

"The Division will carefully monitor water conditions and make stocking decisions on a daily basis," said Hatchery Superintendent Jeff Matthews. "If drought conditions warrant altering the original stocking plan, changes will be publicized on the Division's website and through the media."

Standard production trout (approximately 9-11 inches and weighing up to pound each) will be stocked in the following waters. The number of breeders slated for distribution during the second and third weeks of the stocking schedule will depend on the timing and success of the hatchery's trout spawning operation as well as water conditions in the intended stocking locations. These fish will not be stocked until annual trout egg requirements are met.

Tuesday, Oct. 8:
Manasquan River
Metedeconk River, North Branch
Metedeconk River, South Branch
Toms River
Raritan River, North Branch
Paulinskill River

Wednesday, Oct. 9:
Musconetcong River
Pequest River

Thursday, Oct. 10:
Big Flatbrook, Lower
Wallkill River
Rockaway River
Pohatcong Creek, Lower
Black River

Friday, Oct. 11:
Wanaque River
Ramapo River
Raritan River, South Branch

Tuesday, Oct. 15:
Hammonton Lake
Giampetro Park Pond
Maurice River
Mary Elmer Lake
Crystal Lake
Sylvan Lake
Oak Pond
Grenlock Lake

Thursday, Oct. 17:
Greenwich Lake
Swedesboro Lake
Iona Lake
Schadler's Sand Wash Pond
Roosevelt Park Pond
Colonial Lake
Farrington Lake
Rosedale Lake

Monday, Oct. 21:
Manasquan River*
Metedeconk River, North Branch*
Metedeconk River, South Branch*
Toms River*
Rockaway River*
Paulinskill River*

Tuesday, Oct. 22:
Musconetcong River*
Wanaque River*
Ramapo River*
Wallkill River*

Wednesday, Oct. 23:
Big Flatbrook, Lower*
Raritan River, South Branch*
Pequest River*

Thursday, Oct. 24:
Raritan River, North Branch*
Pohatcong Creek*
Black River*

* Quantities of surplus are not determined until actual stocking of these fish.

Stocking dates may change and are subject to prevailing weather and water conditions, as well as any operational difficulties the Division might experience.

For the most updated information regarding fall trout stocking changes due to water conditions, weather and/or other factors, please refer to the Division's Trout Stocking Hotline at 609-633-6765. The hotline is operational 24-hours per day, seven days a week. Stocking information will also be posted on the Division's website at

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