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May 29, 2002


For more information contact:
Al Ivany at 609-984-1795

Beginning in June, the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection's Division of Fish and Wildlife's Bureau of Law Enforcement will review all Farmer Deer Permit applications prior to approval. The more advanced evaluation process is being undertaken to ensure that applicants comply with State law regarding Farmer Deer Permits.

"Because we would like every qualified farmer to receive their deer permits in time for the opening day of deer season, all farmers are urged to submit their permit applications as early as possible," said Division Director Bob McDowell.

Free Farmer Deer Permits are available to all members of the agricultural community who reside on a farm that is at least five acres in size or who are non-occupant owners or lessees of a farm that is at least 30 acres in size (acres do not have to be contiguous), and whose farmstead generates a minimum of $500 in income annually.

Farmer Deer Permit applications will be sent to farmers who have received permits in previous years. Applications for Farmer Deer Permits will also be available from county agricultural agents, Division of Fish and Wildlife offices, Conservation Officers and via the Division's website at on the Hunting and Forms pages.

The encouraged application period for Farmer Deer Permits is June 1 through August 31, however, farmers officially have until October 1, 2002 to file their applications. Late applicants may not receive their permits in time for opening day of the deer season.

Farmers and their families may also apply for (or purchase at license agents) regular deer permits in addition to their free Farmer Deer Permits.