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April 11, 2002


For more information contact:
Trout Stocking Hotline at 609-633-6765

According to the New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife, the following list contains areas that were not trout stocked during the pre-season stocking period due to drought-related water levels. Two other areas are included that were not stocked due to lake rehabilitation and construction projects.

Primarily smaller streams were impacted by the drought and our pre-season stocking schedule was adjusted accordingly. Small streams that possess native trout populations experiencing low flows were not stocked during the pre-season due to the concern of possible impacts on native trout.

All cancellations below refer to pre-season stocking unless otherwise noted. If significant rain events occur during the early part of the stocking season, locations will be reevaluated on a case-by-case basis.

For the most updated information regarding spring trout stocking, please refer to the Division's Spring Trout Stocking Hotline at 609-633-6765 which is operational 24-hours per day, seven days a week seasonally or visit the Division's website at


Ramapo River

The Duty Road and Bridge to Potash Lake stocking points have been dropped due to an unfinished construction project. The fish allocated for this location will be redistributed among the remaining stocking points.

Hudson County

West Hudson County Park Pond

West Hudson County Park Pond will not be stocked due to an ongoing lake restoration project.

Hunterdon County

Beaver Brook (Hunterdon)

Three stocking points were removed in the upper section of the brook where native trout have been documented. Stream levels are extremely low throughout the upper stretch. The section of the brook, which flows through the town of Clinton, has slightly higher flows, but only the allocated number of fish will be stocked.

Capoolong Creek

Capoolong Creek will not be stocked during the pre-season. The creek is currently extremely low throughout the trout stocked section. This creek possesses a native trout population.

Mulhockaway Creek

The stocking allocation will be reduced due to low water level at the downstream stocking point.

Nishisakawick Creek

The upstream stocking points will not be stocked.

Spruce Run Reservoir

Spruce Run reservoir was not stocked during the pre-season. The reservoir is currently at 40% capacity. If conditions improve, it could be stocked during the in-season. Fisheries biologists will be monitoring the reservoir.

South Branch Rockaway Creek

The water levels are currently too low and the creek was not stocked during the pre-season.

Monmouth County

Manasquan River

The allotment of trout for Hospital Rd. was divided between Hospital Rd and the upstream section of the weir at the NJ Water Supply Authority Pumping Station. (The Pumping Station is not open to the public but anglers can access this section on the other side of the river through Allaire State Park.) Water levels at Hospital Road were too low to receive the original allotment.

Morris County

Mill Brook

The stream will receive only 1/2 of its original allotment, 200 reduced to 100 trout due to low waters and trout production concerns.

Passaic County

Pequannock River

The three most upstream stocking points, which are in the STCA (Seasonal Trout Conservation Area - 1.2 miles) cannot be stocked due to low water levels and concerns for the native trout population. The points are the Gererant Factory, Rt. 23 downstream of the factory, and under the Rt. 23 underpass on Paterson-Hamburg Turnpike. The numbers in the remaining trout stocked section (4.1 miles) will be reduced by 50% for the same reason.

Wanaque River

The Wanaque Avenue Bridge and the Ringwood Avenue stocking points have not been stocked due to low water levels. The fish allotted for these points will be re-distributed among the remaining stocking points.

Somerset County

Rock Brook

Due to low water levels, the allocation was reduced by 50%. The remaining fish will be placed in Rosedale Lake.

Sussex County

Glenwood Brook

Due to low water levels, the brook was not stocked during the pre-season.

Warren County

Barkers Mill Brook

Due to low water levels, the brook was not stocked during the pre-season.

Pophandusing Creek

Due to low water levels, the 7th Street stocking point was not stocked. The fish will be re-distributed to the remaining three stocking points.