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October 16, 2003

Public Fisheries Forums Scheduled

The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protectionís Division of Fish and Wildlife will host two public forums in November to discuss freshwater fisheries management and recreational angling in New Jersey. The first will be held at Rowan University in Camden County on November 8 and will be followed by another on November 15 at the Hackettstown Hatchery in Warren County. The forum at Hackettstown will include a tour of the fish production facilities. Both forums will begin at 9:30 a.m. and conclude at 3:00 p.m.

These scheduled forums will be the first public meetings discussing both coldwater and warmwater fisheries management and angling opportunities in the state. The Division of Fish and Wildlife is conducting these meetings to improve communication with the angling public and to solicit angler input in shaping freshwater fisheries programs in the future.

Among the topics of discussion will be the results of a recent New Jersey angler survey, warmwater and coldwater fish production and angling opportunities, existing and potential regulation changes, suggestions for new programs, modifications to existing programs and brainstorming ways to increase participation in angling. The forums are a perfect opportunity for all freshwater anglers to learn about existing programs and to share their views and recommendations for the future.

Pre-registration is not required but is appreciated and will help ensure all attendees can be accommodated.

Attendees can pre-register by calling 609-292-9450 or be sending an e-mail to E-mails should include name address, phone number and the number of people attending with you.

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