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March 31, 2004

Freshwater Fishing is Great in the Garden State, Anglers Survey Says

A majority of New Jersey’s freshwater anglers rate the quality of fishing and fishing opportunities in the state as good to excellent, according to the results of a recent telephone survey.

A total of 806 anglers participated in the survey conducted last August by Responsive Management, a nationally recognized research firm specializing in fisheries, wildlife management, outdoor recreation and natural resource issues. All of the anglers polled had purchased a freshwater fishing license during 2002.

The 177-question survey covered topics such as access, angler satisfaction, success, harvest, Fish and Wildlife’s programs and access to information. Respondents also answered questions concerning what constituted a successful fishing trip and what attributes of the sport they enjoyed most.

The last survey of New Jersey freshwater anglers was conducted in 1992 using a mail-in questionnaire. Since then, Fish and Wildlife’s Bureau of Freshwater Fisheries undertook several major initiatives. These include the operation of a new warm-/cool-water intensive fish hatchery; creation of new fisheries for walleye, striped bass hybrids and muskellunge; development of a warm-water fisheries management plan and the acquisition of a number of fishing access sites.

The recent survey provides valuable data on the angling public’s level of satisfaction with the opportunities offered in New Jersey. It also gives Fish and Wildlife staff some insight into the decline in freshwater fishing license purchases during the past decade, despite the expansion of fishing opportunities in the state.

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