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Dredge Rock Being Deployed at Shark River Reef Site

November 19, 2014
UPDATED January 9, 2015

Due to weather and other circumstances the completion date is now anticipated to be January 15, 2015.

The NJDEP Division of Fish and Wildlife is notifying boaters, recreational and commercial fishermen and divers that thirty-six thousand cubic yards of dredge rock obtained from the Port Authority of NY & NJ, Howland Hook Marine Terminal Berth Deepening Project, will be deployed on the Shark River Reef Site beginning November 24 through December 31, 2014. The shale rock will be transported to the site and deployed by hopper scow at predetermined locations.

In total, 10 hopper scow loads of rock will be deployed on the reef site as part of the division's Artificial Reef Program.

During construction, tugs will be pulling large barges of shale bedrock. Work on the site will be continuous so boaters must constantly be aware of the reduced maneuverability of these tugs and allow them the right-of-way.

Adding rock to the ocean floor provides much needed hard-structure habitat for fish, lobster and other marine life. The rocky ridges will become attachment surfaces for invertebrate marine life, such as mussels, barnacles, sponges and anemones, and will provide hiding places for bottom-dwelling species like sea bass, blackfish, crab and lobster. The shale rock ridges will create productive fishing grounds for centuries to come.

The Differential Global Positioning System (DGPS) coordinates of the Shark River Reef Site corners are as follows:

Barge in tow
A hopper scow of rock being towed to reef site.
Click to enlarge

NE 40 07.330'    73 41.080'
NW 40 07.330'   73 41.800'
SE 39 40.200'    73 41.080'
SW 40 06.200'   73 41.800'
The locations where the rock will be deployed are as follows:

1) 73 41.600'   40 06.600'
2) 73 41.600'   40 06.550'
3) 73 41.600'   40 06.500'
The deployment schedule is subject to weather and sea conditions. For further contact Hugh Carberry at 609-748-2022.

For information on past and planned deployments see the Artificial Reef Deployments page.

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Last Updated: January 9, 2015