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Status Review of New Jersey Birds Using the Delphi Technique:
Solicitation for Submission of Information
Request to Be Invited to Participate on the Status Review Panel


August 25, 2016

The NJDEP Division of Fish and Wildlife periodically conducts status assessments for large taxonomic groups of wildlife to help guide listing determinations, that is, to assist in determining which species should be included on the state's Endangered Species list or designated as Threatened, Special Concern, Stable-Secure, or Undetermined-Unknown on the state's list of nongame wildlife.

Since the mid-1990s the state Endangered and Nongame Species Program has adapted a process known as the Delphi Technique to conduct species status reviews and the Division is now is preparing to commence a review of NJ waterbird and landbird species using the Delphi Technique. See the following for information:

Species Status Assessment
An Objective Means of Species Status Assessment: Adapting the Delphi Technique (pdf, 230kb)
Species Status Assessments using the Delphi Technique Operating Procedures and Guidelines (pdf, 160kb)

The Division of Fish and Wildlife is inviting persons with expertise and knowledge regarding New Jersey's native bird populations to submit information that may be relevant to an assessment of status of species within these two bird groups that may be considered among the information the Division provides to the bird experts participating in the status review. This may include documented occurrence information and published and unpublished information regarding bird populations, trends, habitat, threats, etc.

The Division is also soliciting wildlife biologists and ecologists with expertise regarding New Jersey's native bird populations and who would like to be invited to participate in this status review to submit their name and a detailed curriculum vitae (CV) demonstrating their qualifications and evidence of expertise, to

Prospective review panelists must have substantial knowledge and experience in the survey and research of a variety of native birds, and their habitats in New Jersey. Such experience should be augmented by familiarity with scientific literature. Participation in the Delphi status review will require a commitment to read iterative rounds of reviews (up to four rounds) and respond to each round by a specified date. The first round of review will start with approximately 95 land birds and 75 water birds. Status will be evaluated for both breeding season and non-breeding season for each species.

All responses to this request for information and/or participation must be received by close of business, September 2, 2016.

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