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July 19, 1999

For more information contact:
Permit Hotline at (609) 292-9192

The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection's Division of Fish, Game and Wildlife reminds hunters that the application period for filing 1999 deer permit applications begins August 15. All applications must be postmarked by September 10.

"Hunters interested in obtaining 1999 deer permits should note that permit quotas have been increased in almost all zones. Apply through the mail and avoid the long over-the-counter lines in November," said Division Director Bob McDowell.

The 1999 Deer Permit Application will be included in the hunting issue of the New Jersey Fish and Wildlife Digest available at license agents and Division offices statewide in early August.

Hunters may apply for up to four deer permits, including two bow and two firearm permits during the initial mail-in period. Applicants may apply for one bow permit IN ADDITION TO one shotgun OR one muzzleloader permit in the first lottery, AND may apply for one bow permit IN ADDITION TO one shotgun OR one muzzleloader permit in the second lottery.

In the event permits are available after the mail-in lottery, they will be sold at selected Division offices throughout the state. Call the 24-hour computerized permit hotline at (609) 292-9192 in late October for more information regarding these sales.

A 1999 firearm or archery license stub is needed to apply for a deer permit. Muzzleloader hunters are reminded that a rifle permit is not required to apply for a muzzleloader deer permit, but must be in possession while hunting with a muzzleloader.