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April 13, 1999

For more information contact:
Bruce A. Halgren at 609-748-2020

The New Jersey Division of Fish, Game and Wildlife today announced changes to the 1999 regulations for harvesting summer flounder (also known as fluke) in state waters. These changes were required under the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission's coastwide management plan for summer flounder.

The minimum size limit has been increased from 15 to 15-1/2 inches in length with an open season of May 15 - October 11. The possession limit of eight fluke per person has not changed. Fluke may not be taken or possessed at any time other than the open season.

Anglers fishing in water bodies shared with other states, such as the Delaware or Raritan bays, should be aware of differences in state regulations. New York has implemented a 16-inch minimum size limit, while the State of Delaware has implemented a 15-inch minimum size limit with a closed season from July 16 to August 7. The regulations for each state apply to anglers while on the waters of that state or when landing fish in that state.

Other changes for the 1999 fishing season include a six fish possession limit for shad, a 48-inch minimum size limit for sharks along with a two shark per vessel possession limit, not including dogfish, and the elimination of the closed season for black sea bass that was in effect last year. Black sea bass may now be taken all year, with no possession limit and the same 10-inch minimum size limit that was previously in effect. Scuba divers should also note that the possession limit of six lobsters per person applies to all divers, whether on a charter dive boat or a private vessel, or whether the lobsters were taken in New Jersey or federal waters.