March 31, 1998 (3/03 update - chart is no longer available)

For more information contact:
Bill Figley at 609-748-2020

The Artificial Reef Association (ARA) is offering a brand new chart of the Little Egg Artificial Reef, located four miles off Holgate, Ocean County. The reef, constructed as part of the New Jersey Division of Fish, Game and Wildlife's Artificial Reef Program, consists of 40 smaller patch reefs, comprised of concrete, concrete-ballasted tire units, obsolete army tanks and the 65-foot crew boat, the Jessie C. The chart depicts all structures placed on the Little Egg Reef overlaid by LORAN and GPS coordinate grids. The reverse side of the chart provides the coordinates needed to find the structures with electronic navigation devices. Each chart measures 8 " x 11" and is printed on waterproof, durable vinyl.

To obtain a chart, send a check or money order made payable to the ARA for $6.50 to:

Artificial Reef Association
P.O. Box 16
Oceanville, NJ 08231
The ARA is an organization of party and charter boat captains dedicated to raising funds for the construction of artificial reefs along the Jersey coast. Funds generated from the sale of Little Egg Reef Charts will help pay the cost of building more fishing reefs on the site.
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