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The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection’s Division of Fish, Game and Wildlife recently adopted new regulations regarding black sea bass, porgy (scup) and tautog harvested in state waters. The new regulations will become effective upon publication in the June 2, 1997 edition of the New Jersey Register.

“The regulations will play an important role in conserving black sea bass, porgy and tautog stocks for the future. By fostering a strong conservation ethic and developing responsible regulations, we can enhance conditions that will promote the recovery of these populations and ensure that these species will continue as sustained recreational and commercial resources,” said division Director Bob McDowell.

The minimum size limit for black sea bass will be nine inches for both recreational and commercial anglers. Anglers must measure along the midline of the fish from the tip of the snout to the end of the middle portion of the tail, not including the tail filaments.

Anglers are also reminded that any species with a minimum size limit may NOT be filleted prior to landing at a boat ramp, pier or dock where it may be inspected for compliance with the appropriate size limit. Party and charter boat captains who possess special fillet permits will be allowed to fillet black sea bass and porgy at sea, provided the fillet sizes are at least five and four inches in length, respectively, and all other provisions of the fillet permit are followed.

Commercial fishermen who wish to land and sell porgy (scup) in New Jersey must apply for and have in their possession a Federal Scup Moratorium Permit or a New Jersey Scup Permit. Fish dealers or processors who wish to purchase scup from any vessel or harvester landing scup in state waters must apply for and have in their possession a New Jersey Scup Dealer Permit. Permit applications may be obtained by writing to:

New Jersey Scup Permit
Nacote Creek Research Station
P.O. Box 418
Port Republic, NJ 08241

The new regulations will also affect commercial fishermen through an increase in the minimum size limit for tautog from 12 to 14 inches and gear modifications for otter trawls and fish or lobster pots which harvest black sea bass or porgy.

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