March 6, 1997


For more information contact:
Bill Figley at 609-748-2020

Charts of New Jersey’s artificial reefs are available from the Artificial Reef Association (ARA), a group of 40 party and charter boat captains and marina owners dedicated to raising funds for the construction of artificial reefs along the New Jersey coast. Funds raised through the sale of these charts and various other specialty items have enabled the New Jersey Division of Fish Game and Wildlife’s Artificial Reef Program to build dozens of ocean reefs from old ships and other structures over the past six years.

These charts contain all of the structures deployed on the reefs. Charts depict the boundaries of reef sites superimposed over a LORAN C grid. All of the structures -- ships, barges, army tanks, concrete, tire units and more -- are located on the charts for easy reference. On the back side of each, LORAN C coordinates of major structures are provided for exact positioning. Charts are printed on heavy-gauge, waterproof vinyl and are practically indestructible. They are designed for use on small, open boats in wet weather and won’t come apart like paper charts or delaminate like plastic-coated ones.

Charts are $6.50 each ($5.95 + $0.55 postage and handling) and can be obtained by sending a check made payable to the Artificial Reef Association, P.O. Box 16, Oceanville, NJ 08231. Be sure to indicate chart(s) desired.

Charts available: (NOTE: Charts are no longer available as of 2003)

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