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As Peregrine Chicks Grow

The Division of Fish and Wildlife's peregrine webcam atop 101 Hudson St. in Jersey City has viewers across the country and around the world. "PeregrineCam" fan Jay S. in Florida was kind enough to put together this collection of photos from this year’s brood. The photos make for a good aging guide!

Chicks May 25
May 25 – At just three days of age, all three nestlings are sitting up attentively for feeding.
Chicks June 1
June 1 – Ten days of age, seemingly very orderly at mealtime.
Chicks June 5
June 5 – At two weeks of age. We might see sibling aggression at this stage if food were limited.
Chicks June 8
June 8 – It was notable how these nestlings got along very well. It seems they had enough food that they were never overly hungry.
Chicks June 12
June 12 – After banding, at 22 days of age, and we can see the two females are a bit larger than their brother.
Chicks June 16
June 16 – 26 days of age, and 4 days after biologists banded the young. Brown feathering starts to appear on their faces, wing tips and tails.
  Chicks June 16
June 19 – 29 days of age, and the young are getting more of their flight and body feathers.

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