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2006 Peregrine Banding Photo Gallery

This year's banding at 101 Hudson Street, Jersey City, took place on Monday, June 5. Principal Zoologists Kathy Clark and Mick Valent of the NJ Division of Fish and Wildlife's Endangered and Nongame Species Program banded four three-and-a-half-weeks-old eyases, one female and three males. Accompanying them were Nestbox News writer Linn Pierson, several representatives from building management, and several guests invited by the Conserve Wildlife Foundation.

This year, a new male took over parental duties in Jersey City, and has bonded well with the female, providing for four young falcons and protecting this site. as any of us who had to go out on that roof can attest! This year, the nestlings received a preventive medication for trichomoniasis and all four eyases seem healthy, feisty and strong. The next few weeks should see them take to the air for the first time.

The pictures below show highlights of the banding. Clicking on the pictures will open a larger version.

Adult male peregrine perched
Adult male observes biologists and prepares to launch

For more information on the Jersey City Peregrine Project, see the pages linked from the Peregrine Webcam homepage.
Removing chick from nestbox
Biologists Kathy Clark and Mick Valent remove eyases for banding.
Adult peregrines in flight
The adults are not pleasd to see the team on the roof.
Peregrine chicks in box
The eyases arrive inside for banding.
Donor with chick
Kathy holds the only female eyas...
Banding a chick
...while Kathy Clark applies the bands.
Close up of young female
A close look at the young female.
Banding a chick
Susan holds a male eyas.
Banding a chick
Kathy applies the band.
Banding a chick
Property Manager Barbara Deen and an eyas size each other up.
Banding a chick
And the eyas was remarkably calm.
Holding a chick
Tom holds the last to be banded.
Banding a chick
Tom and the young falcon are both intent of what Kathy is doing.
Checking a chick's wing
Joe is one of the building engineers who look out for the falcons, and he finally gets to hold one while Kathy checks a wing.
Medication is given
Trich medication, disguised as chicken, is administered.
Peregrine perched above nestbox
Meanwhile, back at the nestbox...
Perched adult
Between dives at the team the male seems to ponder his next move!
Peregrine perched above nestbox
Coming from another angle.
Chicks are returned to nestbox
Mick places the eyases back in the nestbox...
Adults in flight
...while both adults continue to buzz us.
Peregrine perched above nestbox
And another year's banding at 101 Hudson comes to an end!
2005 Banding Photo Gallery

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