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NJ Licensed Wildlife Rehabilitator Information


New Jersey's Wildlife Rehabilitators - Feature Article
Wildlife Rehabilitators Wish List (pdf,740kb)

People are usually anxious to help when they find sick, injured and/or orphaned wildlife. However, most people are unaware of normal wildlife behavior and often become involved unnecessarily. Hopefully people who do intervene will contact a licensed rehabilitor - a person whose first response is to extract information from callers and evaluate if human intervention is, in fact, necessary.

If the situation does require action by a rehabilitator, the caller is instructed in the appropriate steps to follow. Unfortunately, the public is generally unaware of the health, safety and biological issues pertaining to wildlife rehabilitation (such as disease, parasites and the effects of interfering with and/or relocating wildlife).

To ensure the health and safety of the public and the wildlife, the Division has specific requirements and standards for both facilities and staff involved in wildlife rehabilitation. The Division has implemented these standards to ensure the quality of the permittee (questionnaires) and the facility (inspections). The ultimate goal of the rehabilitation program is to release rehabilitated wildlife “back to the wild”.

Becoming and continuing as a licensed wildlife rehabilitator in New Jersey is a major responsibility and requires much time and dedication. Below are various documents pertaining to the licensing process.

Those interested in becoming a rehabilitator should first read the "Rehabilitator Information Sheet." The "Definitions and Requirements" document will also be helpful.

Licensed NJ Wildlife Rehabilitators


arrow Information Sheet (pdf, 33kb)
arrow Definitions and Requirements (pdf, 54kb)
arrow National Wildlife Rehabilitators Association (NWRA) Minimum Standards (pdf)
arrow Facility Inspection Form (pdf, 80kb)
arrow Recommended Reference List (pdf, 95kb)
arrow Information Regarding the Use of Pharmaceuticals in Wildlife Rehabilitation (pdf, 47kb)
arrow Wildlife Rehabilitation in Times of Disaster
arrow Notice Regarding Wildlife Impacted by Oil or Unidentified Spills in NJ (pdf, 17kb)
arrow NJ Policy on the Relocation of Wildlife (pdf, 60kb)
arrow AVMA Guidelines on Euthanasia (pdf, 550kb)
arrow Opportunities for Continuous Education (pdf, 19kb)
arrow NJ Wildlife Rehabilitators Advisory Committee


arrow Possession of Nongame & Exotic Wildlife Regulations (pdf, 85kb)
arrow NJ Endangered and Threatened Species List
arrow NJ Wildlife Species of Special Concern
arrow NJ Endangered and Threatened Species Protocol (pdf, 400kb)
arrow Rare Species Sighting Report Form


arrow USFWS Endangered Species Program
arrow USFWS List of Endangered and Threatened Species


   Avian Species
     NJ Application Form (pdf, 215kb)
     USFWS Application Form (pdf, USFWS site)

   Mammal Species
     NJ Application Form (pdf, 490kb)

   Reptile Species
     NJ Application Form (pdf, 190kb)

   New Jersey Permits
     Annual Report Form (pdf, 290kb)
     Permit Renewal Form (pdf, 515kb)

     Sample Reports
        Intake Summary - Sample (pdf, 11kb)
        Species Summary - Sample (pdf, 7kb)
        Codes (pdf, 8kb)
        USGS Avian Codes - Sample (pdf, 9kb)

     Blank Report Forms (Use of these forms is not required, but all information should be included in your report)
        Intake Summary - Blank (pdf, 8kb)
        Species Summary Blank (pdf, 7kb)

   USFWS PERMIT - Migratory Bird Rehabilitation Annual Report (pdf, USFWS site)


The following are rabies-related links to information posted by the NJ Department of Health, Communicable Disease Service:

The Communicable Disease Service Rabies webpage:

For assistance with rabies situations or to report a suspect rabid animal, contact the Heath Officer for the jurisdiction where the incident occurred.


arrow Notice Regarding Possession/Importation of Live Cervids - (pdf, 80kb)


arrow Protocol for Wildlife Rehabilitator Response to White-Nose Syndrome Affected Bats in the Northeastern United States (pdf, external site)


arrow Wildlife Rehabilitators Advisory Committee
arrow Infectious and Zoonotic Disease Program - NJ Dept. of Health " Senior Services
arrow Division of Migratory Bird Management - USFWS
arrow Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies
arrow USGS Bird Banding Laboratory
arrow Disease Information - USGS National Wildlife Health Center
arrow International Wildlife Rehabilitation Council
arrow National Wildlife Rehabilitators Association
arrow NJ Association of Wildlife Rehabilitators

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