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Division of Land Use Regulation
State of New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection

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Electronic Applications: Submitting an E-LOI Application

The Division of Land Use Regulation within the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection is opening our online portal which will allow for the electronic submission of an application for a “Letter of Interpretation” (LOI). The portal accepts these types of LOI applications:

  • “Presence/Absence”
  • “Presence/Absence – Footprint of Disturbance”
  • “Delineation”
  • “Line Verification”
  • "Revision" of an LOI, previously submitted through the portal.
You can still apply for a LOI via paper through the existing process but applying for a LOI electronically via the portal has some distinct advantages for both agents filing applications and applicants for whom these applications are being filed. Some of the benefits are:
  • The initial pre-application review is done automatically,
  • Payment can be made by credit card,
  • The person submitting the application can save information for future applications.
  • A summary sheet and receipt of your submission information is available at the end of the process.
  • Electronic submission of supporting documentation.*

*While the application and application supporting documentation can be submitted electronically, hard copies of any surveys, signed and sealed by a licensed surveyor (or signed and sealed by a licensed engineer if the survey is referenced on the plan and a signed and sealed copy of the survey used is included in the application) must be submitted to the Division for review.

There are some differences in the electronic application process versus the paper application process. Online applications require the submission of GIS files (ESRI shapefiles) for your site, as well as an electronic copy of your site plan in PDF or CAD format. The following pages provide a brief overview of the electronic submission process and detailed information on the shapefile submission procedure and requirements.

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