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Division of Land Use Regulation
State of New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection

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Electronic Applications: Submitting an E-LOI Application

Information Required for All E-LOIs

Application Information: All information that would normally be in the Land Use application form such as applicant information, site information, etc., is handled as part of the online application. For agents who will be utilizing this service more than once, there is the ability to save form data such as agent information for use in future applications.

The following information is required as part of the supplemental document uploads for E-LOIs. The information must be converted into a digital document such as a PDF or JPG in order to upload to the portal. If this information is not included in the application, your application will be considered deficient and will not be assigned to a project manager until you submit or resubmit any missing or incomplete information.

A downloadable copy of the complete E-LOI checklist.

Property Owner Certification: The Department requires written consent by the property owner to allow access the site (including any easements) by representatives or agents of the Department for the purpose of conducting a site inspection(s), survey(s), or compliance inspection(s) of the property in question. You must use the "Property Owner Certification" form, signed by the owner(s) and/or easment/row owner(s) (as applicable) for this purpose. The agent must have on file the original of this form for inspection. Please use multiple copies of this form for multiple owners/easement holders.

Fees: The fee table will provide you the basis for all LOI fees for your application. During the portal application process, the fees will be automatically calculated based on the LOI type chosen. Please note that you have the option to pay by “e-Check” or by Credit Card (CC). If you pay by CC there is a credit card convenience fee. If for example the DEP fee is $50.00, the charge on your credit card will appear as $51.95 (convenience fee = $1.95). The convenience fee is 1.9% of the amount being charged + $1.00. There are no fees for the use of the e-Check option.

Public Notice Requirements: You must provide proof that the public notice requirements at A and B below have been met. (Note: To prove that an item has been sent to a person, submit either the stamped white postal receipt you receive when you send the item by certified mail, or the signed green certified mail return receipt card.) All of the following must be submitted:

A. Proof that the municipal clerk has been sent a copy of the entire application that was submitted to NJDEP;

B. Proof that a completed copy of the notice letter found in Attachment A has been sent to each of the following:

i. The municipal environmental commission (if one exists);

ii. The municipal planning board;

iii. The municipal construction official;

iv. The county planning board; and

v. One of the following sets of neighboring landowners (applicant choose one option):

Option 1: All owners of land within 200 feet of the boundary of the site (see N.J.A.C. 7:7A-1.4 for a definition of "site").

If this option is selected, the application must also include a certified list of landowners within 200 feet of the site, obtained from the municipality;

Option 2: If the application is part of a joint application* for an LOI and a general permit authorization, all owners of land within 200 feet of the proposed disturbance.

If this option is selected, the application must also include a tax map with the location of the proposed disturbance outlined, and with an area extending 200 feet on all sides of the proposed disturbance outlined.

Option 3: If the LOI is part of a joint application* for an LOI and a general permit authorization for a linear development, trail, or boardwalk; and the project is more than one half mile long, proof that both of the following have been done:

A copy of the notice in Attachment A "Notice to Neighboring Landowners" (has been sent to all owners of land within 200 feet of any proposed above ground structure (not including telephone poles, power lines or similar structures), such as an access road, treatment plant, power substation, or similar structure; and

A display advertisement has been published in the newspaper of record for the municipality in which the site is located and in a newspaper with regional circulation in the region in which the site is located. The advertisement shall be at least four column inches in size;

  • To prove that this advertisement has been placed, the application must include a copy of the advertisement, or a copy of an affidavit from the newspaper, stating that the advertisement was published;

Note: if a project site is located in more than one municipality or county, the notice requirements in item 3 above must be met for each municipality and/or county in which the site is located.

Site Photos: A minimum of four (4) original color photographs sufficient to show a representative sample of the vegetation on the portion(s) of the site that are affected by the LOI application. The photo locations should be indicated on the survey or separate map. A photograph of the best access point to the site where staff can park is also required. This access point should also be identified on the survey or some other map.

Tax Map: The most recent municipal tax map available with the site clearly indicated;

Qualifications of the Preparer: A document which includes the name(s) and qualifications of the person(s) who prepared the application. This must include in the case of a Line Verification, the person(s) who performed the delineation.

Written Narative: A written narrative and/or reports necessary to accurately describe the site, its location, existing site conditions, previous permits as well as any areas of Division regulatory jurisdiction;

*General Permit applications must be filed using the existing paper method.

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