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Division of Land Use Regulation
State of New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection

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Electronic Applications: Submitting an E-LOI Application

The "Site Information" Page

This page is intended to provide to the Department detailed information about your site. On the Contacts Page you will be able to provide information including address for the Owner, Applicant, etc., but this page specifically pertains to the site where the LOI is taking place.

"Location Address"

"Line 1:" You must fill out the physical address (street address) of your site. If there is no street number or other street address information, you must enter the closest road. You may use line 2 & 3 if you need more space to add additional information. If the site does not have a location address you must enter a description of the site in the "Location Description" data field and leave Lines 1, 2, 3, City and Zip Code blank in the "Location Address" data fields.

"City": This field is a drop down list, but will also auto-populate once you start to type the name of your city. Be careful to make sure that the county (in parenthesis) is the right one for your town as there are some town names which are used in multiple counties. For instance, the city name "Washington Twp." is used within 6 different Counties.

NOTE: Once you fill out the "City" field, the "Primary County" and "Primary Municipality" fields will auto populate. CHECK TO MAKE SURE THESE ARE CORRECT!

"Multi-County & Multi-Municipality"

If your site is in more than one municipality and/or county, please put a check in the check boxes to add additional municipalities and/or counties in the "Block and Lot" fields.

"Location Description"

If the site does not have a location address you must enter a description of the site in this data field and leave Lines 1, 2, 3, City and Zip Code blank in the "Location Address" data fields.

Block and Lot

If you checked the "I certify that a valid block/lot combination does not exist for site location which is the subject of this LOI application." check box, the portal will assume there are no block or lot designations and that section will turn grey and you will not be able to enter data.

Under normal conditions where there is at least one block and lot for the site, you would add the Block and Lot information for your site, using the "Add Row" button to add additional blocks and lots. The County and Municipality fields will be auto filled from your selection of "City". Once completed you would then move on to uploading your shapefile. However there are additional options in the case of unusual situations.

If for instance, you have a range of contiguous lots, for instance Block 1 lots 1 through 10, you can click on the "Add Range" button which will take you to a screen that allows you to add a range of block and lots. Utilizing this function will allow you to add multiple block and lots in groups. When you click on the "OK button, it will take you back to the "Site Information" page where you will see the complete range listed.

If you have clicked on the Multi-County and/or the Multi-Municipality check boxes in the Location Address section, you must also choose the County and/or Municipality for each block and lot.

(See a screenshot of the "Site Information" page.)

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