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Division of Land Use Regulation
State of New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection

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Electronic Applications: Submitting an E-LOI Application

"Contacts" Page

The LOI Contacts page is broken into "Tabs" for "Applicant", "Property Owner" and "Agent". You MUST fill out ALL tabs with the required information. There is the ability to "Save" contact information using the "Save to My Favorite Contacts" check box on the right of the screen to a drop down list (visible to the left of the page above the "First Name" field). This should help an Agent who is submitting multiple applications save time filling out fields in subsequent applications.

In cases where there are multiple Applicants and/or Property Owners, you can add additional tabs for these using the "Add Contact" button, located to the lower left of the screen.

(See a screenshot of the "Contacts" pages for "Applicant", "Property Owner" and "Agent".)

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