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Electronic Data Submittal Applications (EDSA7)

Download Users Manual Changelog

Current version: Version 7.1.5; Last updated September 2016.

EDSA7 is an administrative and completeness checker that should be run on all Electronic Data Deliverables (EDD) prior to submission to SRP. LSRPs, on the behalf of the responsible party, should run this check to ensure all the basic required information is included and correct. Though EDSA7 is a powerful tool, it does not replace the EDI manual. Refer to the EDI manual for all EDD criteria and / or questions. The data must be saved in tab delimited text format prior to running EDSA7.

New features in this version of EDSA7 include:

  • New Installer - as of September 2016 a new installer is released with the same version number. This installer can recognize newer operating systems. If you currently have 7.1.5, you do not need to reinstall with the new installer. However, if you do use the new installer, uninstall any of the previous versions. Refer to our FAQ page to see how you can identify which version of the EDSA installer you have.

Download EDSA7

EDSA.EXE (7.47 Mb)

Download EDSA7 Update

A manual update is available to upgrade EDSA from the previous version (7.1.2 through 7.1.4) to the current version (7.1.5) released on May 3, 2013. Download and unzip, run edsa_update.exe. More detailed instructions here.


Version History:

  • New Fatures in EDSA7
    • HTML Error Reports Another change to EDSA7 is the implementation of web-based reports that associate the errors observed when running EDSA7, to a webpage that includes detailed information on the field and the specific error encountered. By clicking the "message code number" (published to the error report HTML table), the end-user will be directed to that field and/or specific error within the main webpage. It is SRPs intent to streamline the process of learning how to minimize errors encountered in EDSA7.
    • KML Coordinate Tool A KML tool has also been integrated into EDSA7 and is launched automatically. A KML file is a variant of a XML file that is often used in depictions of spatial data. The KML file can be viewed with ArcGIS Explorer or with Google Earth. This tool automatically converts the HZSAMPLE file into a KML file, depicting the location of sample coordinates in the default viewer, if ArcGIS Explorer or Google Earth are installed. Please use this tool to review spatial accuracy prior to submission.
    • Field Changes to EDSA7 - Data field definitions have changed and fields have been added. Click here for details
  • August 2012: Major update adding extra features and better checking.
  • July 29, 1999: Minor corrections to fix a long filename problem some people experienced with unZIP utilties or network file systems that don't recognize long filenames.
  • July 26, 1999: Major version change. Version 5.00.001.