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State of New Jersey-Department of Environmental Protection-Stop Illegal Dumping
State of New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection
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Don't Waste Our Open Space-Help Prevent Illegal DumpingAwareness

A new “Don’t Waste our Open Space” campaign targeting the general public is being developed to advise the public of the State’s crackdown on illegal dumping and to recruit public help in reporting illegal dumping violations.

More information and materials regarding the campaign will be available soon.


Manage your Wastes & Recyclables Properly!!!

If you are unsure how to manage certain items you are looking to dispose or recycle, please contact your local solid waste or recycling coordinator to ask.  A listing of all municipal and county recycling coordinators is available on the Department’s website at       

Information regarding county recycling programs, a listing of county designated recyclable materials, and recycling statistics along with other helpful recycling links may be found at

If you are interested in transporting your waste or recyclables directly to a permitted solid waste facility or recycling center, a listing of all permitted landfills, incinerators, transfer stations, and Class B, C & D recycling centers can be found on the Department’s Division of Solid & Hazardous Waste website at Note, Class B materials include, but are not limited to, concrete, brick, block, asphalt, asphalt-based roofing scrap, tree parts, brush, leaves, tires and petroleum contaminated soil, Class C materials are compostable materials and include, but are not limited to, yard trimmings such as leaves and grass, Class D materials include oil, antifreeze, latex paints, lamps (light bulbs), oil-based finishes, batteries, mercury-containing equipment and consumer electronics.  It is recommended you contact any facility beforehand since types of waste/recyclables accepted, fees charged, and operating hours will vary.    


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