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Branch Office Rule
N.J.A.C. 11:17-2.9

(a) Except for licensees with authority in only ticket insurance, group mortgage cancellation insurance, legal insurance, credit insurance, car rental insurance, travel insurance or self-storage personal property insurance, licensees shall file with the Department by hard copy or electronic means a branch office registration form within 30 days before business is first conducted there. A branch office registration form shall be accompanied by the processing fee specified in N.J.A.C. 11:17-2.13. The appropriate registration form will be prescribed by the Department.

(b) Upon receipt of a properly completed branch office registration form and fee, the Department shall enter information confirming the registration of the branch office into its producer licensing database. Branch office registrations shall expire contemporaneously with the producer‘s own license. The branch office registration shall not authorize the transaction of business at any location other than that named on the accepted registration form.
(c) The licensee shall advise the Department in writing by hard copy or electronic means of the closing of any branch office within 30 calendar days of the closing.
(d) A branch office shall be open to the public during such hours and days of the week as to provide the public reasonable access to the branch office. The branch office shall post the hours and days of operation in a manner reasonably calculated to inform the public.
(e) No branch office may engage in insurance related conduct unless at least one licensed individual insurance producer is present. The requirements of this section shall not preclude a branch office from remaining open to service accounts while the assigned producer is temporarily absent, and shall not permit unlicensed individuals to engage in any activities for which a license is required.

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